Cleaning Interior of Windshield

You can spend a lot of money on automotive chemicals designed and marketed for specific uses.   However, in many instances we have found that there are less costly, and often more effective alternatives.   A universal alternative for cleaning all types of automobile surfaces is Dawn dishwashing liquid.  A few drops of dawn in a spray bottle is an effective, safe and efficient way to tackle a lot of cleaning chores.

I have found nothing works better than this diluted solution of Dawn to clean the inside of a windshield.   All of us have encountered the residue that builds up on the inside of our windshields.   Off-gassing is the main culprit. This occurs when that “new car smell” of interior plastic and vinyl components breaks downs and evaporates, leaving an oily residue on the windshield.  The degreasing ingredients in Dawn will cut through this residue faster than any glass cleaner that we have tried and leave streak free super clean glass.  Spray the diluted solution of Dawn on a clean microfiber towel and work from the passenger side of the car to wipe down the entire inside surface of the windshield. Then either flip the towel or grab a fresh clean one and dry.  Try kneeling on the passenger seat while facing the steering wheel and backhanding this job to get to the entire windshield.  Don’t forget the inside of the sunroof.   Other uses of diluted Dawn solution would be for safe, general interior cleaning of door panels, cup holders and even leather upholstery.  We have also used diluted Dawn on the exterior surfaces as a clay bar lube and when removing tree sap in conjunction with plastic razor blade.


Jim runs Frontenac Detailing and is a Certified Detailer.  Jim@FrontenacDetailing.com

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