Frontenac Detailing Services

Premium Auto Detailing

Starting at $275

  • Complete interior and exterior detailing.
  • Service take 3-5 hours depending on condition of vehicle.
  • Complimentary Shuttle to and from surrounding area.

Interior Includes:

  • Very thorough vacuuming of cargo/trunk and passenger compartments; blowing out all under seat areas.
  • Cloth Seating is steam clean and any spots / stains removed
  • Headliner is steam cleaned
  • All cup holders, storage, glove box thoroughly cleaned and treated.
  • Steering wheel, dash board cleaned and treated.
  • Leather/Vinyl Seating cleaned and treated
  • All interior glass and mirrors cleaned and detailed.

Exterior Includes:

  • Wheels, break calipers and tires cleaned and treated.
  • Headlights cleared up if necessary
  • All door and trunk jams
  • Engine compartment and firewall cleaned and degreased
  • Remove of any scuffs and minor scratches in clear coat.
  • Hood and shine points polished
  • High gloss ceramic based finish coat applied.

Detailing Services By Vehicle Type

Small Sedans


(i.e. Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla)

Large Sedans


(i.e. Honda Accords, Toyota Camry)

Sport Cars/ Coupes


(i.e. Porshe 911, Honda S2000)



Small SUVs


(i.e. Honda CRV's, Nissan Rouge)

Large SUVs


3rd Row Seats
(i.e. Honda Pilot, Toyota 4 Runner)



(i.e. Ford Expidition, Escallade, Armada, Sequoia)

Vans & XL SUVs


(i.e. Honda Odysee, Toyota Sienna)

1/2 Ton Pickup Trucks


(i.e Ford F150, Ram 1500)

3/4 Ton Pickup Trucks


(i.e. Ford F250, Ram 2500)

Detailing Service Add-ons

Pet Hair



Car Seat



Rock Chip Repair



Smoke / Odor Treatment



Paint Enhancement / Correction


* Requires Inspection First

Car Detailing Terminology

Is a process where a clay or synthetic based material is rubbed over the vehicle exterior after washing to pull off contaminants and debris embedded in the clear coat of the vehicle’s finish. Results in a super smooth finish.  Most cars can be done is less than 1 hour.

Is the process where the detailer uses a buffing machine with the appropriate compounds and buffing pads to remove blemished, swirls and scratches from the exterior paint after the Clay Bar.   Extensive process – can take up to 3 hours.  This step must be done prior to polishing if need be.

Is the process where the detailer uses either a buffing machine or by hand with polishing compounds to remove dull outer layer of clear coat finish on the exterior of the car to brighten paint.  Process takes 1-2 hours.

Is usually the last step when detailing exterior of vehicle. The result is a high gloss finish that provides protection against oxidation, acid rain, bird droppings and bug splashes. The wax/sealant last up to 4 months.

Is a process where the vehicle is prepped by the paint correction and polishing steps.   The light coating is applied over the exterior of the vehicle and must be cured for at least 24 hours.  The result is a protective layer the protects against the elements and minor chips.  The hydrophobic coating can last up to three years.

Is the process where the detailer uses 1,000 – 3,000 grit wet sand paper to remove scratches that have not penetrated the clear coat of the vehicle. The process leaves the paint scarred and dull and the area must be polished out to restore finish.

A process where the detailer uses a magic eraser and/or paint thinner to remove paint scrapes from the vehicle.  Areas must be polished out after foreign paint / scuffs are removed.

Is the process using wet sanding and polishes to clear up faded headlights caused by oxidation.

Is a cocktail of hydrofluoric and sulfuric acid that the detailer will use to remove stubborn break dust and/or rust that embeds in the finish of wheels.  The result is super bright wheels.

Is either a water or silicone based liquid product applied to tires resulting in either a matt or glossy finish.

Is a process used on the cloth interior of vehicle; seats, carpets, headliners and floor mats to remove spots cause by spills and general soiling.  The process uses a steam generator that blows pressurized steam through a hose end nozzle.  Most stains can be removed.

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